RightMesh VIP Registration


To participate in the RightMesh TGE:

1. Read the TGE Terms and Conditions

2. Register for KYC & AML approval at https://bitcoinsuisse.ch/rightmesh **

3. After your Bitcoin Suisse account is approved, you need to be whitelisted through Bitcoin Suisse platform. Please read this medium article for further details

Other important dates:
  • April 17 Whitelist Registration Re-opens
  • May 17 Final Date for Whitelisting to ensure participation
  • May 30 Crowd Contribution opens 13:00 CET (low initial cap to allow for maximum participation)
  • May 31 Cap lifted to allow for contributions of any pre-authorized value

** Due to the overwhelming number of registrations on the Bitcoin Suisse website, we have created this process to fast-track registrants who are intending to contribute to RightMesh.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are already a Bitcoin Suisse client, you do not need to fill in this form. This form is solely meant to expedite KYC approval for new Bitcoin Suisse clients.