RightMesh VIP Registration


To participate in the RightMesh TGE:

1. Read the TGE Terms and Conditions

2. Register for KYC & AML approval at https://bitcoinsuisse.com/rightmesh.ch **

3. Complete the form below to expedite your KYC approval.

4. After your Bitcoin Suisse account is approved, you need to be whitelisted through Bitcoin Suisse platform. Please read this medium article for further details

Other important dates:
  • April 17 Whitelist Registration Re-opens
  • May 17 Final Date for Whitelisting to ensure participation
  • May 30 Crowd Contribution opens 13:00 CET (low initial cap to allow for maximum participation)
  • May 31 Cap lifted to allow for contributions of any pre-authorized value

** Due to the overwhelming number of registrations on the Bitcoin Suisse website, we have created this process to fast-track registrants who are intending to contribute to RightMesh.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are already a Bitcoin Suisse client, you do not need to fill in this form. This form is solely meant to expedite KYC approval for new Bitcoin Suisse clients.