Here we go again. We are rebranding our WAVE platform to RightMesh™. There is a lot behind the name, both in meaning and the journey that brought us to where we are today.

When the parent company, Left, was formed back in 2010 we were first known as ‘Left of the Dot’. In all honesty, it was a spur of the moment name created to describe a business model first envisioned to monetize the sub-domain to the left of generic domain names (e.g., And while we pivoted the business many times over the years, one thing remained constant: our belief in doing things right.

Eventually, Left of the Dot was rebranded down to the singular declaration of Left. Kind of like Cher, Madonna, and Sting, but without the musical aptitude.

And to clarify, this was not rebranded to reflect where on the political spectrum our views might reside [we’re not that easy to quantify]. We called ourselves Left because our core aptitude was to blend the left field (creative) with the left brain (analytical) in our approach to solving real problems. Well that, and because our team had started to self-identify as ‘Lefties’ after 5+ years of blood, sweat, and tears… and who are we to go against the will of the team?

But within this rebrand, our belief in ‘doing things right’ never waivered.

With our mesh platform, our naming journey also had an interesting past. For those who have followed us along since our first Eureka moment over 3 years ago, you will remember that our first mesh product was called YO! – a name that in our mind was universally appropriate for the near instant global communication technology that we had created. But alas, concurrent with our launch there was also the reveal of the infamously-simplistic app of the same name. And regardless as to how many times we declared, “We are building our technology for Bangalore and not the Jersey Shore”, the market confusion was there among Silicon Valley’s cognoscenti.

As we began the journey to platform-ize the technology into a multi-hop mesh that could be dropped onto any smart phone or IoT device or embedded into any application, we needed a new name that spoke to its core functionality: providing “wireless availability in variable environments”. And with this WAVE was born.

But truth be told, it never felt quite right. It was a thing, but it didn’t speak to who we were and that which we believe we were destined to become.

Which brings us to today.

In looking at naming our wireless mesh platform, we went back to our core and looked to that which we were trying to create. It wasn’t the ‘thing’, the ‘platform’, or the ‘technology’ that we were trying to name this time. It was a name that needed to encapsulate that which we were doing and our mission to make a lasting impact on the world around us.

To this end, we created the following vision for the platform:

We believe in the right to connectivity. We believe that a connected world is a better world. We believe that when you give people the ability to connect—to the world, to each other, across the street, or around the world—the world becomes a more intimate place where anything is possible.

We believe in the rights of an individual. A person has a right to privacy, security, freedom of expression, and freedom of association. We believe that when you give a person the ability to earn, contribute, own property, and generate value, the collective benefits.

We believe in doing the right thing. Basic human decency appears not to be so basic any more. Just because we believe in the rights of the individual, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have a responsibility to care for and protect each other and the planet. There are things we all share: humanity, the air, the environment, knowledge, ideas. If we take care of these not-so-little things, we are all better for it.

We believe we are fortunate to live in a world where technology can enable and protect these rights. As such, it is our responsibility to create an ecosystem that connects the world, empowers a new generation of digital entrepreneurs, and allows the unconnected to access content and information that improves their life outcomes and makes the world a better place for all.

We believe these things are right. We are RightMesh.

To answer the Bard who famously asked, “What’s in a name?” The right name grants one a sense of identity and belonging. As a company, we still proudly declare that we are Lefties. And now, doing things right is more than just a phrase written on the wall. It is who we are. We are RightMesh.