We have a responsibility to create an ecosystem that connects the world and improves the lives of the unconnected.

RightMesh AG is a Swiss company with a culturally-and gender-diverse team with representatives in Switzerland, Canada, Bangladesh, Singapore and the United States. More than 100+ Scientists, Developers, Entrepreneurs, Business Strategists, and world class experts in mesh technologies and blockchain are working together to build a new paradigm for connectivity.

Technical Leadership Team

  • Dr. Jason Ernst

    CTO, RightMesh Project
    Chief Networking Scientist, Left.io
    Jason is the CTO and co-founder of RightMesh, a subsidiary of Left Technologies Inc. Jason is also an adjunct professor at the University of Guelph in computer science. Recently RightMesh raised $30M in an ICO to support the RightMesh project. In conjunction with the University of Guelph professor, Dan Gillis, Jason was awarded a $2.13M MITACs grant as industrial PI to support RightMesh being applied to address connectivity challenges in rural and remote regions including the north of Canada. Jason holds a PhD in the field of Mesh Networking and Heterogeneous Wireless Networks as well as a M.Sc. on Scheduling Techniques for Wireless Mesh Networks, both from the Applied Computing faculty at the University of Guelph. Jason has more than 30 published papers on wireless networks, cognitive agents, FPGAs, and soft-computing topics and has presented his research at international conferences around the world. Prior to joining Left, Jason was the CTO of Redtree Robotics, which designed robots that made use of multiple radio technologies to ensure pervasive connectivity to each other and their operators.
  • Saju Abraham

    Chief Product Officer
    RightMesh project
    Saju is a seasoned professional in the realm of mobile and wireless technologies having worked with customers, partners and teams across 19 countries in organizations such as Lucent Technologies, Movius, NEC, OnMobile and Telefónica. His passion for building great products stems from his multifaceted experience as a software engineer, architect and product manager, and he currently thrives in bringing cross-functional and cross-cultural teams together to cohesively execute the product strategy for the RightMesh project. His credentials include a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering and a Postgraduate degree in Management from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.

Corporate Leadership Team

  • John Lyotier

    CEO, RightMesh Project
    Co-Founder and COO, Left.io
    John is an entrepreneur and a successful marketer with more than 20 years of experience in promoting, launching, designing, and jump starting new businesses and products through innovative marketing concepts. For the RightMesh project, John is the idea guy. John's forte is to leverage technology, marketing, and product hacks to bring new ideas to market.
  • Chris Jensen

    COO, RightMesh Project
    Co-Founder and CEO, Left.io
    A veteran of many start-ups, Chris looks after logistics and practical matters so that everyone can focus on their area of brilliance. With a background in banking, operations and corporate development, Chris applies best practices to the RightMesh project.
  • Melissa Quinn

    Corporate Development Manager, RightMesh project
    Melissa's passion to empower people to be their best selves is why she has immersed herself in the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and mesh technology world. Heading up Corporate Development for the RightMesh project, Melissa works closely with the team while constantly seeking Partners, Advisors, and other game changers who are aligned with our vision. She has a BBA from SFU, a background in HR, and a strong desire to put innovative technology at the forefront of doing business as a force for good.
  • Rakib Islam

    Co-Founder and CTO, Left.io
    In his role as CTO, Rakib sets the pace for Left's application development initiatives, including key recruitment of engineering and mobile technologists. Rakib leads Left Technologies Pty Ltd, Left's ISO-9000 certified subsidiary in Bangladesh. An active member of BASIS (Bangladesh Association for Software and Information Services), he frequently travels abroad to present an example of the 'new' Bangladesh and speak about economic empowerment. Rakib's credentials include a Master's Degree in Computer Science and Applications from Pune University, India, as well as being a participant in the US Department of State Professional Fellows Program for Young Entrepreneurs at the University of Oklahoma.
  • Tracy McDonald

    Director, Talent & Culture
    RightMesh Project
    With over 10 years working with people to grow their potential, Tracy is passionate about creating dynamic teams that facilitate business growth and positive culture. As an early Lefty, she was instrumental in scaling up the team to over 80 people, without losing the culture that makes Left special and unique. Tracy's coaching and development work with the Lefties has been recognised with many awards including "Best Workplace in BC" and Community Engagement Winner from the BC Tech Association. Her dedication to making Left a premier workplace, was further recognized when Left became a certified B Corporation. Tracy's belief in the potential of people allows her to lead with compassion, integrity, and trust. She earned her Bachelor of Science from Simon Fraser University.
  • Alyse Killeen

    Executive Strategist
    RightMesh Project
  • Brianna MacNeil

    Product Manager, Blockchain
    RightMesh Project
    Brianna believes deeply that great progress can be made from collaboration, and uses this philosophy to develop partnerships that will further RightMesh's goal of global connectivity. She is the Product Manager, Blockchain at RightMesh and is involved in strategic partnerships, product marketing, and engaging the blockchain community. She has spent the past 6 years' building programs and software products from the ground up, primarily to transition traditional industries into the 21st century with cutting edge technologies. When she first learned of Ethereum, she immediately knew that blockchain technology would radically transform the world, and has been an evangelist ever since.
  • Caryl Longden

    Operations Director
    RightMesh Project
    Caryl is Operations Director for the RightMesh project. Prior to this role, she was the Chief Operations Officer for Left Travel, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Left, where she was responsible for day-to-day operations. When first joining Left in 2015 she was Senior Project Manager bringing some 15+ years of experience in technology project management. Some of her distinguished clients include Microsoft, Coast Capital Savings, and Vancity Credit Unit. Her career started out in operational management for a large European leisure company in the UK. There, she worked for 11 years in 14 different roles. She expanded her work to all over Europe managing a team who implemented systems and IT infrastructure. Caryl has an MSc in E-commerce from Huddersfield University, and she has been PMP certified since 2010.She was involved for several years volunteering with the YWCA mentoring program in Vancouver. This program was for women looking to go back into the workforce.
  • Rogayeh Tabrizi

    Advisor, Economics, Data Science & Algorithms
    RightMesh Project
    Ms. Tabrizi is an economist specializing in behavioural economics, game theory, and social and economic networks. She holds a PhD in Economics from Simon Fraser University, a MSc in experimental particle physics from SFU working on the ATLAS Detector at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research before transferring to Economics. She also spent time at the Economics Department at Stanford University. Ms. Tabrizi is an accomplished programmer with a decade of experience in startups and companies in the public and private sectors. Her past roles include Director of Data Science at Synereo, a blockchain based startup, Data Science Specialist at Hootsuite, and a senior associate with BeThink. She is currently the Chief Science Officer at Theory and Practice.


  • Daniel Gillis

    Associate Professor, Statistician, Director of PSEER
    Dan has spent the bulk of his training and career working on multidisciplinary teams which have focused on public health assessment, and natural resource management. This has included collaborative projects with the Public Health Agency of Canada, Statistics Canada, Health Canada, Environment Canada, B.C. Cancer Agency, the Government of Brazil, the SON, McGill University, Laurentian University, and numerous departments within the UG including Integrative Biology, Cell Biology, the O.V.C.'s Biomedical Sciences, and the School of Engineering. He is the co-founder of Farm To Fork, the co-creator of ICON, and a fellow lead on the RightMesh project in Rigolet in collaboration with the CIRA.
  • Boris Mann

    Co-founder, FinHaven
    Boris Mann is a long time Vancouver tech community builder as both company founder, advisor and investor, including founding the first Canadian startup accelerator, Bootup Labs. He is the CEO of FinHaven, a blockchain focused venture creation studio building global platforms.
  • Les Borsai

    Co-Founder and CEO of SongLily Inc.
    Les spent the first decade of his career in the music and entertainment industry focused on touring and artist management. This led him to become one of the top digital music entrepreneurs with a focus on mobile, apps and games, and founding businesses such as gridMob and Songlily.Les is a leader in business development, content and music licensing, branded products, strategic marketing and all things mobile. His passion for innovation and leadership has led him to serve for other companies such as Ripple, Shazam, Giphy, and many others.
  • Jason Butcher

    Founder Parallel Payments
    A seasoned professional with nearly three decades of hands on experience starting businesses globally. Jason specializes in global business development and planning, brand development, consulting and mentoring, entrepreneurship, marketing, strategic partnerships, funding, investing, startups and creating connections.Priding himself on his keen abilities as a solution and problem solver, Jason strives to bring individuals, markets and opportunities together on a global level.Jason Is the COO of CoinPayments which is the oldest and largest Crypto currency payment platforms and he is actively involved as an advisor with the Canadian Blockchain Association, the Fintech advisor for the National Crowdfunding Association of Canada, a founding member of BlockChain@UBC, a founder of the Blockchain Innovation Hub and participates regularly in global blockchain and crypto currency organizations.
  • Nir Kshetri

    UNCG Professor and Author
    Nir Kshetri is Professor at The University of North Carolina-Greensboro. He has authored seven books on ICTs and entrepreneurship in developing countries and cybersecurity. Choice Magazine selected one of his books as an Outstanding Academic Title. Nir has also published about 110 journal articles. He has been interviewed and/or quoted in over 150 TV channels, magazines and newspapers.
  • Stefan (WhalePanda) Jespers

    CEO of IMSolutions & Cryptocurrency Expert
    Stefan is an expert in online marketing and worked on projects for some of the biggest travel agencies in Europe. In late 2013 he got into Bitcoin and became very passionate about cryptocurrencies. He is better known by his pseudonymous Twitter handle "@WhalePanda" under which he published very successful articles on Bitcoin and Ethereum. Stefan is mostly focused on cryptocurrency trading right now and tries to educate new people on the dangers and pitfalls of the current blockchain ecosystem.
  • Scott Robinson

    Founder & VP, Plug and Play FinTech, Member of the Board, Plug and Play
    Scott Robinson is the founder and VP of Plug and Play FinTech, the financial technology focused startup innovation platform in partnership with BNP Paribas, Banco do Brasil, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, TD Bank, Cathay Financial, USAA, Mitsubishi, Capital One, Sumitomo, Intuit and many more global financial institutions. Plug and Play FinTech has satellite offices in Paris, Tokyo and New York in addition to Silicon Valley. Scott also sits on Plug and Play's Advisory Board and is a member of the investment committee. Since the launch of the FinTech program in February 2015, Scott and his team have accelerated over 150 startups and has led over 40 investments into the industry. Scott has worked with Plug and Play, a global startup accelerator and investor headquartered in Silicon Valley, for the past four years managing a number of FinTech, Blockchain, and Bitcoin-related initiatives.

    Additionally, Scott is the founder of Plug and Play Bitcoin, the co-organizer of the world's oldest Bitcoin Meetup, technical editor for "Blockchain for Dummies," a Wiley Publication, a SUSS Fellow and founder of the first nationally syndicated Bitcoin Job Fair. Prior to joining Plug and Play, Scott worked in various roles with a number of early stage startups where he led fundraising, product development and marketing activities.

    Scott graduated from UCLA in 2008, where he received his B.A. in History.
  • Agnes Budzyn

    Office of the Founder, Managing Director at ConsenSys
    Agnes works directly with the CEO on the growth strategy and ensuring business alignment across the regions. Agnes also focuses on relationships with regulators, institutions and reviews of potential business acquisitions. She has also spoken on the impact of blockchain and its potential applications at events held by the FDIC and the World Economic Forum.

    Previously Agnes was a member of the Financial Markets Advisory special situations team at BlackRock, where she advised clients on managing their capital markets exposure and balance sheets, working with institutions and regulators during the financial crisis. She also advised on regulatory and strategic challenges and performed country-wide financial reviews while working with the European Central Bank and other central banks.

  • Nicolai Oster

    Head of ICO at Bitcoin Suisse
    Nicolai Oster is the Head of ICO, leading the ICO Department at Bitcoin Suisse, and Advisor for several ICOs. Bitcoin Suisse, established in 2013, is a world leading regulated crypto financial company, based in Crypto Valley, Zug, Switzerland. Bitcoin Suisse has successfully assisted, facilitated and executed many ICOs, such as Melonport, OmiseGO, Streamr and many more - dating all the way back to the ICO of the Ethereum Foundation.

  • Micha Benoliel

    Co-Founder at Open Garden Inc.
    Micha is a visionary and serial entrepreneur focused on technologies of communications and exchange to bring the world together. At age 8, Micha taught himself how to code and subsequently wrote his first games on a Texas Instrument TI 99 4A, ATARI 512ST and Amiga 500. After being a pioneer in VoIP and having launched several telecommunications services, he enabled Skype to start SkypeIn and SkypeOut. In 2011, Micha co-founded Open Garden to build a new generation of mobile networks leveraging the smartphone infrastructure. While at Open Garden, he created FireChat, the first off-the-grid messaging app, leveraging peer-to-peer mesh networking technologies. FireChat was built for Burning Man and eventually got used during many other festivals, music events and pro democracy events like the Hong Kong Umbrella revolution in September 2014 when half a million people installed the app in a week to coordinate their movement and stay connected.
  • Mohamed Elkasstawi

    Founding Partner of zk Capital
    Mohamed Elkasstawi is the founding partner of zk Capital, a research-focused blockchain investment fund. He is focused on building blockchain communities and sits on the board of various organizations in emerging markets that are working on developing and deploying blockchain solutions.
    Elkasstawi is a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in digital assets investment and he is an early investor in different blockchain projects. He holds a BSc in Industrial Engineering from Northern Illinois University.

Partners & Supporters

  • Bitcoin Suisse
  • Social Impact
  • Fasken
  • Coin Fabrik
  • eNuk
  • UBC
  • FirstCoin
  • Melrose PR
  • QCP Capital
  • New Alchemy
  • BC Tech
  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
  • First Block Capital
  • Fin Haven
  • Left
  • SingularityNet
  • Nunatsiavut
  • Memorial University

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